Microtek has years of experience developing encapsulation systems for agricultural applications.  We have worked on crop protection projects to enhance the effectiveness of materials such as fertilizers, herbicides, insect pheromones, insect repellants, and plant growth regulators in the field.

Herbicides and fertilizers can be applied where needed; however, unless conditions are ideal, they will not be activated properly. Volatility and unwanted microbial breakdown in the soil are serious issues.  Microencapsulating the active ingredient in a herbicide or fertilizer provides protection, control over the release conditions, and control over the release profile for increased effectiveness.

Pheromones are used for insect control in orchards and other places where insects are a nuisance.  Encapsulation of the pheromone in a time-release capsule permits a slower, more controlled release providing the advantage of longer protection to the treated area.

Microencapsulating insecticides, such as pyre thins, reduces the probability of contact with toxic active ingredients which are harmful to both humans and pets.

Microbicides can be microencapsulated to protect crops from bacteria and fungi, increasing crop yield, quantity, and profits.