Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I place an order?  Please call sales at 1-888-256-3191, extension x217 or x299 or email
  2. Do you offer free samples?  We offer small samples (<10 lbs) for sale for the purposes of initial evaluations.
  3. What standard PCM temperatures do you offer?  -30C, -10C, 6C, 18C, 24C, 28C, 32C, 37C, 43C, and 58C.
  4. Do you offer custom PCM temperatures?  Yes, we offer custom temperatures.  Please give us a call to discuss your requirements.
  5. Do you sell the "pure" PCM?  Yes, we sell the phase change material in several forms:  unencapsulated, and microencapsulated.
  6. Which PCM should I use?  Please see our "Which PCM to Use" page.
  7. Why would I buy the wet cake version rather than the dry powder version of the microPCMs?  The wet cake will disperse more readily into aqueous based systems than the dry powder.  Dry powder is preferred if your system is sensitive to water such as polyurethanes or electronics.
  8. How long will the effect of the PCM last?  How long a PCM will cool or warm depends on four key factors:  (1) the amount of PCM present, (2) the external temperature, (3) the physical configuration of the PCM (i.e. arranged as a thinly dispersed layer, amassed together, etc.), and (4) the thermal conductivity of the materials used in conjunction with the PCM (fabric, foam, concrete, etc.).
  9. What forms of payment does Microtek accept?  Microtek accepts all major credit cards and wire transfers for smaller orders.  For on-going customers, Net 30 terms are available after an initial credit check.
  10. Do the PCMs you offer lose effectiveness over time?  No, at Microtek we offer organic-based PCMs.  Organic based PCMs do not lose effectiveness over thousands of cycles.
  11. Do you have offices outside of the U.S.?  At this time all Microtek products are manufactured in and shipped from the U.S.