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Microtek is excited to announce the newest addition to our growing product line. By adding the Micronal® product suite to the existing microencapsulated PCM product line, Microtek now offers the largest selection of microencapsulated PCM products in the world. The Micronal product line consists of six major formaldehyde free products ranging from 23°C to 28°C which are offered in both liquid and dry powder forms.

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Microtek's patent-pending nextek capsules are the next level in PCM capsule performance technology.
Introducing Micronal®, now exclusively manufactured and sold by Microtek. Download press release.
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Since 1985 Microtek has been an innovator in the art and science of microencapsulation and phase change materials (PCMs). We invite you to browse our website to learn all about how microencapsulation and phase change material can improve the performance of your product. Feel free to give us a call to discuss your particular application and how we can be of service. Microtek products are RAL certified.