Macroencapsulated PCMs

Microtek’s patented macrocapsule PCMs, or macroPCMs, are large 3 to 5 mm mean spherical beads containing high concentrations of phase change materials. 

These materials were originally developed by Microtek for use in cooling vests and garments.  The macroPCM particles are used to regulate the body temperature of individuals who work in hot environments, e.g. costume characters in theme parks or soldiers in a desert setting.

The macroPCMs absorb excess heat and permit the user to function for a longer time at a more comfortable temperature. The particles are typically loaded into vests that are worn as an undergarment to allow for close skin contact.  Although cooling vest and garments continue to be the primary use of the macroPCMs, many other applications have emerged. 

Macro PCM MacroPCM Capsule Representation: Microtek’s patented macroencapsulation technology utilizes a unique double encapsulation process creating a capsule with a matrix–type configuration.

The macroPCM capsules have the following general properties:

  • Color: White; other colors are available upon request.
  • Temperatures available: -30C to 65C.
  • Form:  Spherical, solid beads.
  • Mean particle size is 3 to 5 mm. (Custom sizes can be made).
  • PCM content in bead: 80%.
  • Density: Slightly less than 1 g/ml.