Manufacturing Services

Microtek’s 80,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility offers pilot as well as full-scale manufacturing microencapsulation services. The plant has an annual capacity of several hundred thousand pounds of capsule production and room for expansion as necessary to meet our customer’s growing needs.

ManufacturingMicrotek has an in-house fully-equipped analytical lab with full-time analytical staff to ensure the highest possible quality material is produced.


In addition to offering full-scale production services to our R&D clients, Microtek offers contract manufacturing services.
 For those customers who have developed their own microencapsulated product(s), we offer:

  • Scale-up assistance from lab-scale to full-scale manufacturing.
  • A centrally located U.S. manufacturing site for foreign companies requiring encapsulated products.
  • A manufacturing site for U.S. customers that do not have their own pilot or full-scale manufacturing equipment or facilities.


Strategic PartnersMicrotek has established a net work of strategic partners. This network of qualified partners offers several advantages to our customers:

Redundancy in production. As we have seen in recent years, natural disasters such as a earthquakes, flooding, and other natural occurrences can seriously disrupt production and distribution channels. By having several locations capable of manufacturing our products, Microtek offers our customers the peace of mind that products will be available.

Regulatory compliance options. Given the many markets we service, our network of partners includes facilities with GMP, Kosher, and other certifications which are critical to meeting the ever changing needs of our diverse customer base.

Increased knowledge base. By networking and partnering with leaders in various manufacturing areas, Microtek can offer our customers access to not only our wealth of experience and knowledge, but also leverage the experience and knowledge of our partners.