Micronal® PCM Products

Micronal® PCM's are an intelligent form of latent heat storage solutions provided by Microtek. These solutions allow our partners to meet the requirements of modern, light-weight architecture and design while implementing the advantages of passively storing and releasing latent heat through PCM’s.

Micronal<sup>®</sup> PCM Products

Microtek produces Micronal® PCM in liquid form as an aqueous dispersion and in dry powder form.

Micronal® PCM products enable our partners to offer a wide range of solutions and applications to their customers.

Building materials

Construction materials which have been modified by means of Micronal® PCM acquire an active temperature compensation mechanism which ensures ideal room conditions, particularly in summer. Provided certain general conditions are met, this new form of construction material may save you from having to run an air-conditioning system altogether.

System solutions from our partners go one step further.  They combine the intelligent passive function of Micronal® PCM with active system components in order to provide safe and low maintenance cooling and ventilation systems at a minimal operating cost.