Potential Savings - Passive climate control pays off

The passive climate-control action of PCM construction materials provides you with air-conditioned like climate premises for a large part of the year without the added energy cost of running an air-conditioner.

Annual cost savings of more than $27,000

Using the Badenova building in Offenburg as a model, buildings services engineers Stahl + Weiss in Freiburg studied the economic efficiency of a cooling concept employing phase change materials. They compared the costs of the new cooling concept with those of a concept involving concrete core activation in the same building. When all conditions were taken into account, the comparison yielded an annual cost saving of over $27,000 . The additional costs incurred by the use of PCM gypsum plaster are recouped in this case within two years.

Micronal® PCM reduces CO2 emissions

Since no energy is required for the cooling function of PCM’s to be active, the ecological balance is an attractive feature of utilizing PCM’s in building and construction applications. A calculation accounting for primary energy yielded savings of CO2 emissions of over 100 t per year in the case of the Badenova Building.