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Micronal® PCM - Save Energy for cooling with phase-change materials

Phase change materials (PCMs) in plasters and wallboards compensate for temperature peaks and offer substantially enhanced comfort owing to their passive cooling mechanisms in building applications. PCMs may even enable the dissipation of heat without the use of an air-conditioning system.

Potential Savings

Micronal PCM App

The Micronal® PCM App is helping architects, investors and designers of building concepts assess the technical impact of latent heat storage systems on cooling loads of buildings utilizing PCM enhanced building materials. Unlike conventional software used to calculate cooling loads, the Micronal® PCM App assesses building materials based on Micronal® PCM in order to identify potential energy savings.

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Micronal® Products

Micronal 5428X 28°C Slurry
Micronal 5528X 28°C Powder
Micronal DS 5037X 25°C Slurry
Micronal DS 5038X 25°C Powder
Micronal DS 5039X 23°C Slurry
Micronal DS 5040X 23°C Powder