Microtek versus the Competition

Why should you buy our microPCMs versus competitive products?

The answer is simple:  cost savings.

Our capsules can have over 35% more thermal material per capsule resulting in more heat storage per Kg!

Microtek Advantage

Each microPCM capsule Microtek produces contains 85-90% active material.  Competitive products can have as little as 50% active material in their capsules.  Because we load more phase change material in every capsule, you can use less material on a per pound basis and still achieve the same thermal performance. 

This equates to:

  • Lower material costs.
  • Lower shipping costs. 
  • Lower handling costs.
  • Less inventory space.
  • Less impact on the physical properties of your product.

Microtek’s microPCMs are of the highest quality resulting in excellent thermal storage and thermal regulation properties.

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