Oil and Gas Chemicals

Corrosion in oil and gas fields can occur in production tubing, pipelines, transmission lines, water disposal lines, storage tanks, water well systems, tubing and other equipment and systems. Microencapsulated corrosion inhibitors can be designed to release the inhibitor at the right place, at the right time creating a more efficient and effective corrosion prevention system.  Let us create a microencapsulated corrosion inhibitor product to fit your particular needs.

Microencapsulated enzymes are used in exploration and bioremediation of fuel oils. Encapsulation immobilization is preferred because it provides the greatest protection from denaturation with the least loss of enzyme activity.

Microencapsulated potassium persulfate (MicroKP) is a product used primarily by oil and gas service companies as an additive for gas and oil well stimulation. The product comprises small bi-component particles with the persulfate as a core material surrounded by an outer shell or capsule wall. Potassium persulfate is an inorganic water-soluble, strong oxidizing material. The capsule wall is an inert, very stable polymer.

Microencapsulated persulfate products are used by oil and gas service companies as an additive in fracturing fluids for gas and oil well stimulation. Fracturing is a process of injecting large volumes of fluid into a well at high pressures to crack rock formations and create fissures for increased production of oil and gas. The fluids typically consists of: a “propping agent”, like sand, to keep the fracture from closing when the pressure is released, a polymeric gelling agent (viscosity builder) to keep the sand suspended in the fluid, and a reactive material like persulfate oxidizers, to break down the gelling agent so it is more easily flushed from the fracture to allow for better oil and gas flow.

The microencapsulated product exhibits the following general properties:

  • Color: Off-white to slightly yellow.
  • Form: Dry free-flowing powder or granules.
  • Capsule composition: 90 – 95 wt.% KP and 5 – 10 wt.% polymer shell.
  • Particle size: Typical distribution in range of 100 – 400 microns.
  • Stability: Extremely stable in water at ambient temperatures.

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