Paint & Coating Additives

In 2002, an International treaty was signed banning the application of paint containing tin on all ships beginning January 2003 and the complete prohibition of the presence of organotin on all ships by January 2008.

Microtek has developed a patented encapsulated bicide paint additive which contains no tin or copper that provides for time-release of an anti-foulant agent. 

The same encapsulation technology developed for time-release of bicides can be modified to work with other types of paints or coatings additives such corrosion inhibitors.  These microcapsules release chemicals during a specified period of time to provide long-term protection.    For example, a special paint may be needed to retard damage to steel objects which are constantly submerged in water or which are continually exposed to inclement weather conditions.

As an alternative to time-release of the anti-corrosion agent, Microtek can produce the capsules to provide on-demand corrosion control at the site of corrosion as the corrosion occurs.  Microtek will work with your company in order to develop and produce products that work with your coatings and paints to fit your specific requirements.

Self-healing materials include a vast array of materials that are capable of self-repair.  Microtek has experience working in the area of self-healing materials, including self-healing polymers, particularly with regard to paints and coatings.  Microtek can potentially encapsulate unique active materials of your selection.  Under the appropriate trigger, the capsules will release the active allowing for repair of the damage to the paint or coating.

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