"Pure" PCM Products

In addition to our microencapsulated and phase change materials, Microtek offers our customers the pure phase change material itself. Applications abound for this simplest form of the PCM. "Raw" or "pure" phase change materials are used in:Pure PCMs

  • Shipping containers for temperature sensitive materials. Example include packaging for medical products, vaccines, pharmaceuticals, food & produce; drug testing samples, lab testing samples, temperature sensitive chemicals, biological samples, … just to name a few.
  • Heat storage in thermal systems. Examples include for us as heat storage in solar applications, radiant heat flooring systems, and insulated panels.
  • Beverage and food products. Examples include insulated coffee, tea, and beverage containers, coolers, thermos, and lunch bags and boxes.
  • Cooling vests. Examples include cooling vests for construction workers, military personnel, pets. The uses are endless!


The "pure" PCM product has the following general properties:

Color: Colorless
Standard temperatures available: -30°C to 65°C (call for other custom temperatures).
Forms available: The PCM is a solid below its' melt point and liquid above its' melt point.
PCM content: 100%
Density: ~0.75 – 0.9 g/ml depending on the temperature selected.
Packaging: Sold in 1 gallon containers (6 lbs. per container) or 50 gallon drums (330 lbs. per drum).