Research and Development

Research & Product Development Services

Our clients come to us from every industry imaginable.  They come with ideas and concepts looking for solutions.  At Microtek we work with each client, leveraging our encapsulation expertise, to develop a custom encapsulated material that fits their specific requirements.

The first step in product development is concept feasibility.  After gathering all the critical information from potential clients concerning their project, we provide honest feedback, not only as to the assessment of whether a product can be produced, but whether it can be produced affordably. We provide this service free of charge to potential clients.  Call us to discuss your idea!

After we have determined that the project is technically and economically viable, we provide a proposal and quote for making a proof-of-concept sample.  This is quick way to get a project off the ground and get a sample into your hands for evaluation.

Based on client feedback from the proof-of-concept sample, it may be necessary to optimize the encapsulated material.  During optimization we work closely with you to make sure the capsules function correctly in your process or product.  Optimization might include altering the particle size, adjusting the color, adding viscosity modifiers to slurries, etc.  Our full analytical staff work hand-in-hand with the R&D chemists to provide feedback throughout the development and optimization process.

When the optimization work is complete and the final product specifications have been established, we scale the process to the meet the volume requirements as supplied by the client.  We have several pilot batch sizes available ranging from a few kilograms to 30, 60 and 125 gallon reactors.

After the completion of the scale-up phase, Microtek offers full-scale manufacturing capabilities to produce your product.  The plant has an annual capacity of millions of pounds of capsule production and room for expansion as necessary to meet your growing needs.  Please see our “Manufacturing Services” page for further details.