Which PCM is the right one for you

Due to the many advantages of organic PCMs over other the other two main PCM types, we will concentrate on organic PCMs. Microtek offers PCMs in three main forms:

(1) PCM
(2) Microencapsulated PCM

Each of these forms has its' own unique advantages and is best suited to certain applications.

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PCM Microencapsulated PCM
This is the phase change material itself in its' simplest form. The material is a solid below its' melt point and a liquid above its' melt point.
Encapsulation of the PCM creates a  tiny, microscopic container for the  PCM. This means that regardless of whether the PCM is in its' solid or liquid state, the PCM will be contained. The capsules have excellent chemical and thermal stability (250C+).
Forms Offered
Not applicable.
Mean capsule diameter: 2-3 um, 35- 45% solids aqueous slurry
Wet cake:
Mean capsules diameter: 14-24 um,
~70% solids, 30% water
Dry powder:
Mean capsule diameter: 14-24 um;
>97% solids
Available Standard Melt Points
-30C, -10C, 6C, 18C, 24C, 28C, 32C,
37C, 43C and 58C.
Slurry form: 24C, 28C, and 32C.
Wet cake and dry powder forms:
-30C, -10C, 6C, 18C, 24C, 28C, 32C, 37C, 43C. 58C, and 65C.
Custom Temperatures
Available upon request.
Available upon request.
How to Use
The material can be melted above its'
melt point and then poured into the suitable container (pouch, piping, plastic molded parts, etc.).
The PCM microcapsules can be
incorporated directly onto textiles, into latex or PU foams, into adhesives, into insulation, etc.
Wet cake: If you will be adding the
capsules to an aqueous system, for example to a padding process for applications to textiles, the best option is to use the wet cake form of the microcapsules. The capsules will be pre-wetted and will disperse readily into the solution.
Dry powder: If you will adding the
capsules to a solvent-based system, for example to a PU foam, or to a dry application, like electronics, then the dry powder form is the best option.
Example Applications
Shipping and packaging, solar energy
systems, radiant heat flooring, industrial/commercial apparel (work vests, etc.), thermal pouches
High performance apparel - active
wear, jackets, undergarments, hunting, outdoor gear, etc.
Bedding - latex and foam mattresses, pillows, linens, toppers, ticking Construction - insulation, roofing, flooring, cement, paint, adhesives Electronics - portable devices, instrumentation, automotive, defense