Why Use PCMs?

Phase change materials are unique in that they provide a completely passive thermal regulation system. In other words, no electricity or power of any kind is necessary to create a real reduction or increase in temperature. In addition, PCMs have the advantage that they can be used over and over again.

Why Use PCMs


What does this mean to the user? It means:

  • Substantial energy savings to owners when used in the construction of buildings and structures.
  • Small electronic devices, such as laptops and smart phones, can be cooled where space for active cooling systems such as fans is not available.
  • High performance textiles can and have been developed that can provide thermal regulation in such diverse areas as active wear apparel, hospital linens, outdoor gear, infant car seats, etc.
  • A better night's sleep through thermally regulated mattress, pillows, and other bedding products.
  • Peace of mind through use of shipping containers that keep pharmaceuticals, vaccines, and food products at the right temperature during transport.
  • Cooling and heating relief in remote locations without access to electricity.
  • Heat storage and release in conjunction with solar energy systems.

The benefits and uses of PCMs are limited only by the imagination.